Minimal Outside – Maximum Inside

Minimal outside Maximum Inside

This exciting MINIMAL OUTSIDEMAXIMUM INSIDE trend takes the hype of unboxing experiences and makes deliveries next level. Sometimes called Inside Out, it is not what is on the outside that matters, it is all about what you see when you open the box. Many companies are using incredibly creative and innovative ways to generate emotion and connection with their brands. Forget boring bubble-wrap, this is about building excitement using the element of surprise and delight as consumers open their packaging in their own homes or offices.


The easiest way to achieve this effect is to start simple on the outside. Keep it clean and concise with monochromatic logos and print where possible. You can hint at what is to come, but try not to overfill the spaces or information. You want to create suspense but need to ensure there is sufficient practical or required information. Once you get inside though it is gloves off. Consider as many creative and exciting options as possible. 


Think of Minimum OutsideMaximum Inside as being like when you get a gift. The anticipation of what will be inside is what creates the moment. So make sure you capitalise on this and re-create the experience yourself. It is interesting how many people put so much effort into some packaging or branding, but fail to consider what it is like when the customer opens the package.  You also need to remember that it is usually the customer who ordered the item for themself, so it is about whether it meets expectations but also a great opportunity to introduce them to your brand and what it means when you buy from you.


 Minimal Outside Maximum Inside


When you do it well people will like and share! Unfortunately if you do it badly then it is also likely to be shared. The area of most concern is the deliveries that don’t create much hype at all. This is your chance to CONNECT people with your brand story and values as well as highlighting the products that you sell. So get creative and add some extras to add sales to your bottom line!




  1. Make the design Business Up Front and Party Inside
  2. Use Colours, patterns and seasonal designs for limited editions or campaigns.
  3. Layers work wonders – make opening your package a discovery.
  4. Add something Personal with a message or note.
  5. Giveaways, samples, coupons or invitations to groups link people with your tribe.


Enjoy this Inside Out trend and share with us your story !