Address Labels

Add some excitement to your Address Labels with our extensive and creative options for custom printed address stickers in Australia.  Forget the days of boring laser sheets with black print and lots of waste. Now you can really add a professional or personal touch to your outbound mail, packages and products. Using the online art tool, create exciting options online for your return address labels by adding a personalised touch with text, adding images, photographs, messages, QR codes and social media icons to your company details. At a time when standing out really matters, it’s time to really make an impact when sending or giving items  to your customers.


Premium Address Labels by Labels Online:

    • Add a professional touch to your  mail with full colour labels
    • Display company details and social media icons
    • Get creative with multiple colour and image options
    • Try them on a roll to save on those sheets that don’t stick properly

Things to consider for Address Labels:

    • Use colour to highlight your brand or an emotive image
    • Add a Barcode(2D & QR) to encourage customer engagement
    • Great designs can really make your physical mail stand out
    • Pair with coloured Carton & Dispatch Labels

Recommended Materials for Address Label Stickers:

    • Gloss Paper with a varnish or laminate is the standard
    • Silver Metallised Paper or PP can give a shine to your envelopes
    • Try a clear material with opaque white to add some interest

Order more and save – if you have a range of locations or styles, group them together and select multiple styles when you are doing your instant quote to save.



Start Designing now – and if you need help choosing, ask Lulu!

Use the online art tool to upload images, add text and icons to create something really exciting. If you get stuck just click on the online chat icon and Lulu will help.