Chemical Labels

Chemical Labels are an essential component for the effective communication of branding and hazard information across the broad range of containers and applications used for the sale and storage of chemicals. Labels on chemical containers are mandatory and require standardised information to easily identify hazards and give instructions on how to use the product safely. They help consumers identify safety controls needed and how to work safely while using such chemicals.


Quality Chemical Labels from Labels Online:


  • chemical, paint, oil and agricultural applications
  • applications for a wide range of containers & product packaging
  • options for labels exposed to temperature, chemicals, sunlight or rough handling
  • highly specialised product information including variable data, customisation, serial numbers, warnings and safety information

Things to consider:


  • ensure GHS compliance and correct use of warning symbology
  • 2D & QR barcode requirements that meet GS1 standards
  • Promotional Labels and Tags to ‘stand out’
  • Pair with coloured Carton & Dispatch Labels

Recommended materials for Chemical Labels:


  • Recommended stocks include: Gloss or Matt PP, PE and PET
  • Use laminates or varnishes to protect the labels from contents
  • Be sure to check the material will last the lifetime required

Labels Online are specialists in this area and have extensive experience in the requirements and recommendations for appropriate materials and labelling information. If you are importing, manufacturing or selling chemicals then you need to be confident that your labelling not only stands up to the rigours of their end use but also complies with all legal requirements. Our print platform allows for the printing of highly specialised product information including randomised and customised data including 2D, 3D barcodes, serial numbers, warnings and safety information and specialised security features on labels for anti-counterfeiting. Be sure to ask LuLu online if you require more information or need to speak to a specialist.


Read more about  the requirements for GHS (Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals).