Frequently Asked Questions

All the things you need to know about Labels Online:

Getting Started @ Labels Online

Do I need an account to get started?

  • You can get an Instant Quote without creating an account on Labels Online.
  • However, if you want to save your current project/items then you click Add to Cart.
  • You can create an account at any time or when you are ready to check-out.
How do I choose the right label material - adhesive - finish?

It’s stickers right – how hard can it be?
Rookie error… but seriously, choosing the right labels can be complicated. We aim to make it as easy as possible so that your labels look amazing:

How do I choose the right size label for my requirement?

Getting the right size label is really important.
Click here for a Printable Ruler which has tips on how to measure your label.


Choosing Materials

Labels Online offer an extensive range of Materials  and finishes. The most important consideration is the application of the label – or what is it going to be used for. Keep this in mind at the start as this may impact on your choices. See our Stock Selection Guide for help or ask Lulu.

What adhesive do I choose?

The most common adhesive used is Permanent, however when you select a Material in the quote screen it will provide the adhesives available. Click on the (i) button for more information on each option.

Do I need a Finish?

Finishes are designed to protect the print and face of the label. There are varnish and laminate options available and your choice may depend on the look and application for the labels. You do not need to select a finish… it is up to you.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Your order will be dispatched in approximately 12 working days.
Delivery times may vary dependent on your location.