Durable Labels

Durable Labels by their very definition are designed to withstand harsh or specific environmental conditions that would otherwise degrade or damage the integrity of the label. Such labels often need to be long-lasting and withstand varying temperatures, sunlight or harsh handling conditions. This broad term includes labels that need to be waterproof to those that will be subject to the outdoors. Regular paper labels may not be suitable for extreme hot or cold conditions so if your application needs heavy duty labels that are durable enough to withstand rough handling and conditions like scuffing, oil, water and soil or dirt, be sure to choose the more robust options with laminate or varnish to protect the label.



Common applications for durable labels include chemical labels, nursery labels, industrial labels, test and tag labels and certain food and beverage applications. Please be mindful that regular printing inks have limited UV stability and will only last a certain time in the outdoors without fading – so you may need to check if your product will be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period.


Labels Online have a range of custom printed label solutions that are suitable for durable label applications. Depending on the containers they are applied to, recommended materials will range from PP to PE or PET. Some general rules are 1) add a laminate for anything that has rough handling 2) Use PE if it is squeezy and 3) if it is subject to extremes of heat use a PET (polyester/mylar).



Quality custom printed Durable Labels from Labels Online:

    • Ideal for chemicals, paint, oil and agricultural applications.
    • Apply to a wide range of containers and product packaging.
    • Ensure labels stand up to exposure from temperature, chemicals, sunlight or rough handling.
    • Print highly specialised product information including serial numbers, warnings and safety information.

Things to consider for Durable Labels:

Recommended Materials for Durable Labels:

    • Gloss or Matt PP, PE and PET
    • Use laminates to protect the labels from contents
    • If outdoor use is required please check with Lulu to confirm suitability